12-Ideas to Get Magnetic Personality! Success is waiting for you

Personality Development

1. Belief that I have  succeeded

Strong desire to claim credit for every small success 


Every time someone thinks that I have achieved success, I have achieved great success.  The man who always says something good all the time, see I was the reason behind it.  

When you have such a mindset that you have succeeded.  You have a lot of money.  There are many such trainers who teach that I have become a millionaire and I will also make you.

See how successful I am, look at my car, look at my ring, look at my mobile, look at my income.  It feels so bad seeing me, this is one reason that will put people off.

2. Winning too much criticising the source of feedback

winning words

It is powerful when you win! Even then, there are chances that you will have many mistakes now! and the chances of improvement will be over...

Criticising the source of feedback

The man who comes and tells you your mistake. The man who comes and tells you that there is something wrong with you.  And that is the source you criticize!

  • This man is not right!
  • This guy is not right!

It is very dangerous.  People will want to get away from you

3. Starting a conversation with No' or But

questions to start a conversation

This point is a little deeper.  Talking to anyone, speaking anything, speak to him, no, it is not so, or but!  These two words are very dangerous. What is the meaning of them? I'm right you're wrong

It has a deep meaning. I'm right you're wrong  People never like such a person. Unlike these, you have to build quality. Understand carefully

4. Playing my own favourite

playing near me

Imposing my own standard while judging and rating other people

it's dangerous👇

  • Walk my way
  • Do what I say
  • Do as I say
  • Do as much as I told you
  • You don't know how to do it 
  • Follow me
  • My way or highway

It does not build a magnetic personality! People won't like seeing your face.

5. Finding opportunities to tell how smart I am


a) Habit of going to those place where you're glorified

I like to go there, wherever people praise me, it often happens that a man likes to get up near him, where he is praised, it is dangerous! 

6. Desire to be  served than to serve

desire definition

I, me, myself

  • Instead of helping others, thinks Who wants to help me
  • Instead of praising others, praising yourself
  • Instead of what I give to others, think about what others give me
  • Being interested in yourself, rather than being interested in others

People will not like you when you do this.  And when you are interested in others, you will not live in this world, even then people will think of you and only talk about you.

7. Starting conversation of correction without invitation

starting conversation questions

You start making corrections without an invitation, it is very dangerous to make corrections without an invitation.  Understand this

Let me explain why that won't work

This is dangerous statements

  • Why it won't work your way!  Listen to me I tell you
  •  This will not be what you are doing!

This is the way " "let me explain why that won't work" it's extremely dangerous 

8. Forgetfulness of thanks or due recognition

express gratitude

When you should have said thank you, you don't, forget it.  You don't remember

FaiIing to express gratitude

In expressing gratitude, you should get an A + to say thank you.  Be as courteous as you are, be as loving as you can, thank all those who helped you. Every time you miss this, people will stop liking you. 

9. Making Excuses to Sidelines one's own Mistake?

Mistake Diffinition

Make an excuse, again and again, whenever you make a mistake, find a reason

Refuse to admit that I'm wrong?

Whenever you make a mistake, you do not take ownership.  You do not accept your mistake, find a reason or find an excuse.

Blaming everyone but one own self?

This is very dangerous!  Instead of making the personality better by this, you spoil it further.  You will also have a brand.  When you enter the room, what do people think about you?  I would like to ask you again?  When you enter a room, think about what people think of you.  What about you from behind you!  I will not be able to speak here.  Think yourself  Many times we ruin our brand with many such mistakes.

10. Ignoring to listen to what was most needed to. listen?

ignore definition

What you should have heard, you are not listening.  People want to tell you, you are not ready to hear that, The best listening leaders are the great leaders.

Trying to hide the truth that you must hear!

You must listen to the truth, when you stop listening, or when someone is trying to say something to you, you complete their sentences yourself

Completing the sentence when others are trying to speak?

You do not allow their words to be fulfilled, you are very self-contained!  Your personality may be ruined.  Avoid these mistakes.

11. Building a strong perception of about your employees?

perception definition

If you are a businessman, if you make a strong perception of your employees

  • I know what they want
  • I know what they know
  • I hate their selfishness 
  • I can always get someone else

These are four dangerous poison sentences because of which people do not want to join you, do not want to meet, their emotional bond is not formed.  A good great leader gets so much work done without paying the salaries of the people.  And a weak leader is not able to get people to work despite paying a maximum salary.

12. Adding two cents of value to every discussion?

discussion topics

You don't add 2 cents worth, you want to say something in everything. What is the use!  

There is no need to speak in between everything. You were not invited. Listen, recognize it. 

When someone says something, repeat it with a good word👇

  • Good 'my god' what is this?  Hey!  Your point is a fact! You teach a lot.
  • Wow!  What are you talking about?  Oh, that so!  Hearing these things, acknowledge them carefully.

He must feel, this man understands me as much as I understand myself.  And the day he understood this, his feeling got connected to your feeling, your behaviour can never cause any problem in his behaviour.  This is a matter.  Let's say that a great listening leader has become.

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