Make Money On Youtube - Simple Steps To Help You Get Success?

How To Youtubers Make Money?

how much youtube make money

You have probably heard of the fact that it is possible to make money with YouTube. YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 for approximately $ 1.5 billion.

Back then it was a risk for Google, but the purchase was worth it because YouTube is now one of the websites with the highest traffic and is the most successful video portal in the world. 

How Much Youtubers Make Money?:The strong traffic makes it very easy to make money on YouTube. 

Meanwhile, the thousand largest channels on YouTube earn sums of over $ 20,000 a month.

Earning money with YouTube is not so easy on German YouTube channels because the target group in German-speaking countries is of course not as large as in English-speaking countries. But here, too, good merits can be recorded with videos.

The thousand top channels offer around 30,000 videos per month. With a thousand channels, that's 1 video per day. These videos are then viewed by over eleven billion people.

That's what people dream of in this country because it takes time to build up a large subscriber base who then watches the video Clip-on you earn something.

Clip on the topic of making money on YouTube

So far, only the very large and successful channels have been included in this YouTube partner program.

Earn money with the YouTube affiliate program

But now every YouTube channel can use the YouTube affiliate program for free and earn money with YouTube.

  1. You log into your own YouTube account.
  2. There you go to the settings and there is then under “Channel settings” the point Monetization.
  3. If you click on it, you can click on the blue “Activate account” field and accept the terms of use.
  4. Next, you can now select the ad formats for your videos. The overlay ads are then displayed at the bottom of the video. The promotional videos that are displayed in front of your video are also selected here. In the preview, you can then see how these ads will be placed.

In addition to the video, there is also an advertising banner. The videos already entered in the channel are now checked and automatically activated for monetization. 

This can also be done manually. Later you can choose whether you want to show advertisements or not for new videos. If there is advertising on a video, it will indicate a green button with a dollar sign. The making money with YouTube is worth.

Linking the AdSense account to your own YouTube account

To link, you only have to connect your AdSense account to your YouTube account to be able to earn money with your videos on YouTube.

If you now enter the same login data, or if you have already made the link, YouTube will select the AdSense account automatically.

If you haven't done that, you have to go back to the “Monetization” page in the settings and here in the FAQ to the question “How do I get paid?” click. The link “Link an AdSense account” will now appear there.

Now you simply follow the instructions and in the future, you will be credited monthly with the income from your YouTube channel via AdSense. The foundation stone for earning money with YouTube is thus laid.

This also works with several YouTube channels that are to be linked to an AdSense account.

However, Google has strict content guidelines for YouTube channels and their monetization.

For a video that you want to monetize, you need the full rights to it, because of course, you can't infringe any copyrights.

Videos with content such as pornography, drugs, violence etc. are not permitted.

In the event of a violation of these rules, Google threatens, for example, the exclusion from the partner program, a channel block or the AdSense account block.

Any manipulation of clicks and views is also prohibited, for example, if you click yourself or buy views and clicks.

Earning money with YouTube, is it worth it?

You have to post new videos regularly, videos that interest a lot of people. Topics such as Music, games and comedy are particularly suitable here.

But it has to be something special. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

A large community that you have outside of YouTube, such as a busy website or blog, is also useful here.

So an interesting topic and a lot of traffic, these are the general conditions for AdSense.

However, the click prices for the above topics are not very high, so the traffic is all the more important.

You need a lot of stamina and you have to offer very good quality to make a lot of money with the YouTube affiliate program.

Still, other ways to make money on YouTube

You can make money on YouTube even without the YouTube affiliate program.

You can, for example, incorporate affiliate links or you can generate the traffic, which is then monetized through a commercial.

Earning money with YouTube - what are the advantages?

Now that Google has made the YouTube affiliate program available to every channel, you can use it very easily and for FREE.

Since video hosting on YouTube is also completely free, you should post your videos.

All you need then is high view numbers and an AdSense account and you can start making money with YouTube.

It is definitely worth a test.

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