4 Quick Way, To Become A Smart And Intelligent Personality

Here is best way how to be smarr!

Getting Smart Online Playing Games or Improving Lips Improve Your Brain Reading Function to Become Discreet References You need to work 


  • Method 1 Be smarter online
  • Method 2 Play games or solve puzzles
  • Method 3 Improve the functioning of his brain
  • Method 4 Read to be smarter

In this article: Getting Smarter Online Playing Game or Solving Puzzles Improving Your Brain Reading Functions to Become Higher References

You have to work every day to be smarter, but it doesn’t have to be an enticing or tedious activity. 

It can be exciting and fun to learn new things. You prefer studying online, reading books, doing exercises or challenging your mind with puzzles and games, there are many ways to become smarter and you do not have to limit yourself to one.

1. How to look smart online

Use your time on the Internet to find out. The Internet is a wonderful tool that you can use despite social media posts and cat videos. 

Be Smarter Online

  • Whenever you pause to use the Internet, instead of checking your notifications, read an article about a topic that interests you or a story about a topic you have never heard of.
  • Some websites like Wikipedia or Google allow you to randomly select a site or article.

Get Free Online Courses:
There are many free online courses you can follow on a particular topic. Some sites like Harvard and Coursera offer many free courses with curriculum, documents and even videos of courses for teachers. Search for free lessons on the Internet and find a topic that interests you or explore a new one.

Some online courses may be considered in calculating points for a degree at a certified university.

Note: You can get a course completion certificate or take exams to show that you have taken the course and have knowledge of the subject

Watch TED Talks videos on a variety of 
topics. TED (whose acronym means "Technology, Entertainment and Design") is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. 

It organizes conferences where experts on a specific topic make a presentation to an audience that is recorded and can be viewed at any time for free. 

Go to ted.com and watch a presentation about a topic you are interested in or even a topic you don't know

Watch TED Talks videos

  • Each presentation lasts between ten and fifteen minutes.

  • There are also presentations about poetry, literature, history or scientific topics that you can watch

Sign up for a daily newsletter. 
Some sites like bbc۔com offer daily newsletters where you can register to learn a new word. 

Start the day by learning a new word or learning more about a word you already know, including etymology, synonyms, and other interesting facts. 
Go to the website and subscribe to the newsletter via.

There are also applications for the phone or tablet that offer you a new word a day.

2.Play Games Or Solve Puzzles

Do crossword puzzles to improve your memory. Crosswords help improve your verbal skills and boost your word memory. 

Play Games Or Solve Puzzles

Besides, they are very fun and allow you to reduce your stress and improve your mood. 

The daily newspaper includes crosswords that you can try and you can also find free online.

  • Download the crossword application on your smartphone to do it wherever you go.

  • Scrabble is also a great game that you can play with other people to challenge your vocabulary and add a touch of competition

Download an application to your smartphone to play against your friends or strangers at any time

Download a brain training app. Many popular brain training apps like CogniFit Brain Fitness, and Brain Fitness Pro contain games and challenges designed to improve your memory, problem-solving skills, and provide functionality. -Malay. 

You must use your mind and keep it active to stay healthy, just like your body.

  • Brain training apps can help you improve the speed of your brain treatment and prevent the development of brain plaque associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Some apps are free, but others will ask you to pay at the time of download or pay a monthly subscription.

Play in a Rubik's cube to improve your concentration:
Rubik's Cube is a classic puzzle that requires a lot of concentration. 

Among the advantages of Rubik's cube, there is an improvement in hand-eye coordination, an increase in memory in the short term, and if you finish it, a lot of joy. You can buy one at most supermarkets, usually cost a little.

  • You can also order one online from a store or Amazon.

Note: if you are looking for a bigger challenge, try a different version of Rubik's cube, for example, those with more squares or different shapes such as triangles or hexagons.

Challenge yourself by playing chess:Chess was invented in the sixth century and continues to be a popular game involving strategy, memory and spatial skills. 

Failures stimulate the growth of dendrites, expansions of nerve cells in the brain that transmit information between cells. 

This phenomenon increases the speed of communication between these cells and allows you to think faster and easier.

  • You can buy a basic game in supermarkets, usually at a relatively low price.

  • You can also play online or on your smartphone.

3۔ Improve The Functioning Of Your Brain

Get into the habit of playing sports to form new neurons. When you exercise, you increase the levels of brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that improves the growth of new neurons, specialized brain cells that send nerve impulses. 
Regular exercise can increase blood flow and oxygen levels and improve brain function.

  • The more neurons you have and the healthier they are, the faster you can think and your memory works better.

  • Get into the habit of regular exercise. For example, you could set a goal to play sports on certain days of the week or spend some time exercising after work or class

Do some 
aerobics to produce irisinThis substance is supposed to activate the genes involved in learning and memory. 

Aerobic exercises use large muscle groups such as the back, legs and arms, which increase the rate of your heart and lungs and produce more iris related to the growth of your new neurons.

  • Consider participating in aerobics classes at a gym.

  • You can also buy DVDs or take classes for home aerobics.

Warning: avoid doing too much exercise, this can lead to loss of intelligence, an inability to concentrate and memory loss. 

If this is the first time you are exercising, you should start slowly and make your exercises more difficult.

Challenge Your Brain By Changing Exercises:It can easily fall into a habit if you are still doing the same exercise, which can make you feel frustrated or discouraged when you feel you are not making any progress. 

Challenge Your Brain By Changing Exercises

When you try new exercises, you improve your concentration and comprehension because you are using different parts of your brain to complete a new challenge or gain a new physical skill.

  • If you take classes at a gym, try a different class.

  • For example, if you regularly do weight loss exercises, go for some running exercises.

Try Y
oga To Better Solve The Problems:Regular yoga practice can improve your ability to use logic, identify patterns, and solve problems. Meditation during yoga slows down brain activity, allowing it to regenerate and relax.

Try Yoga To Better Solve The Problems

If you give your brain a chance to rest while it is active, you are preparing it to get new information and to solve problems from a different perspective.

  • Join a yoga class for practice.

  • Yoga also uses your muscles, which will increase your blood flow and cognitive function.

  • Headspace is a popular application that you can download for meditation guide.

Note: You do not have to do meditation a lot of time, studies have shown that 20 minutes a day is enough to reap the benefits of this skill.

4۔ Read To Be Smarter

Read daily to improve your cognitive function:Mental stimulation caused by reading will improve your thinking and memory skills.
Read daily to improve your cognitive function
Reading also improves the flexibility of your brain, an important part of memory, stimulates your whole mind and keeps every part of your brain active
  • You do not have to read an entire book every day. At least 15 to 20 minutes of continuous reading will allow you to reap the mental benefits needed to become smarter
  • Listen to audiobooks if you find it more convenient.
Read more fiction to be emotionally:smarter. Fiction reading can help you to socialize with others and see the world from their point of view, as novels and short stories encourage you to understand the motivations and points of view of many characters. 

  • Being able to understand others requires a high level of emotional intelligence and reading fiction is a simple way to improve yours.

  • Fiction also improves your cognitive flexibility by thinking about adjusting to different situations and environments, allowing you to think about how you will respond.

Read the information daily to keep up to date. 
Reading the news informs you and a regular mix of local, national and international news will help you become smarter and smarter. 

Whether it's a traditional journal or apps on your smartphone or tablet, try to read at least the headlines every day.

  • Ignore local information, it is important to stay informed about what is happening in your community as it is to know what is happening in the rest of the world.

  • Radio is a convenient way to absorb the news of the day.

Note: Subscribe to daily newsletters like World News to receive a summary of the most important events

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