Think And Grow Rich- 13 Secrets To Become Richest Person

Think And Grow Rich Summary

Think and grow rich summary

Success can be found in any profession or career.  And even an illiterate or less educated person can become rich.  And this secret writer wants to share with his readers that how 500 rich people got such a big success in their life?  Those who applied this secret, their dream of becoming rich has been fulfilled but it cannot be done so easily, you will have to do some effort.

Who should read this book? Everyone who dreams of becoming rich but does not know what and how to do it to become rich. The real-life experience given in this book can be quite useful in practical life.

When was think and grow rich written

think and grow rich author 👉 Napoleon Hill, born on 26 October 1883, was an American author.  Think and Grow Rich All Time comes in the list of 10 Best Seller Self Help Books.  

This book has fulfilled the dream of millions of people to become rich. And still doing today.  So what is the delay, after reading this book today, you too can become rich.

Anther was a young child when Andrew Carnegie told him one of his secrets.  A secret that helped 500 wealthy people write their luck. 

Napoleon Hill had been searching for it for twenty years and finally, he came to know that success can be found in any profession or career, and even an illiterate or less educated person can become rich.

In this book, you will know what and how to do to get success, how?  And when should we start it?

Yes, anyone can get success, but it will only be found by those who adopt it in reality.

In each chapter of this book, the thirteen steps are told by Napoleon Hill to become rich.

Anyone can make their life successful by adopting these steps, if you want money, fame, personality, peace and happiness in your life, then you can know its secret from those rich people.

As you cross these thirteen steps, you will get closer to that secret.  Now get ready because the chance that you are going to get your hands will change your life.

Napoleon Hill has given us a clue of this secret: "The progress of all is the idea behind the beginning of everyone's wealth."

1. Desire (Desire)

When you want something wholeheartedly, then it becomes a reality in front of you. By constantly thinking about your dream, you start looking for ways to achieve it.

There is a term called Money-Consciousness which means to be crazy about money, that is, a desire to earn a lot of money in your mind.

When you become a money-concession, then you start earning money. Here we are telling 6 steps that will definitely make you money-consort, first of all, think of how much money you want to earn.  It would not be enough to just say that I have to earn a lot of money.

You have to think of a fixed amount so that you can make your dream come true.

The second step is that you have to decide what you can do to earn so much money because you will not get anything for free.

And the third step is to decide on the date on which you will be able to get your planned amount.

The fourth step will be to think of a special plan by which you can earn this money and after making an R plan, you have to move forward on that path without hesitation.

Your fifth step will be that you write your full-proof plan somewhere, how much amount you want, how long you want and what your plan will be, you should write everything on a paper.

And finally, the sixth step is to read and remember this statement twice a day.

If you aspire to be rich, then it is not a difficult thing for you to follow these steps.

In this way, you will see and feel and also believe that you have money, keep repeating it and you will become money-cones.

Remember one thing that 

"before every big achievement is achieved it is a dream

2. Faith

There is such a power in this universe that brings us to those things that we believe in. When we get positive thoughts, everything starts being good with us. But when we think negative then bad things happen automatically.

If seen, there is no such thing as bad luck or bad luck. Just what we believe matters.

Some people unnecessarily consider themselves unlucky and some consider themselves always poor.

If we start to believe that we cannot change our circumstances then it means that we have written our misfortune ourselves.

Because as we make up our mind, the same things will start happening in reality.

Now if you create fear and doubt in your mind then you will always be afraid, and will not be able to trust yourself.

By doing this, you are tying yourself in a realm which will be difficult to come out of.

It is very important to trust in yourself to become a money concessor.  Remember that every moment you see yourself rich, feel, and believe.

Believe yourself that one day you will earn a lot of money. People who speak on everything that they are poor, such people never become rich.

Whatever we want to become, we can become that by believing in ourselves. Just as the thoughts we fill in the mind, that one day becomes our reality.

So the choice is yours whether you choose poverty or richness. Once you have the idea of ​​being rich in your mind, then your confidence will remove all the limits for you and will give you success.

3. Auto-Suggestion

 Our subconscious mind is like fertile ground.  If we do not put the seeds of work in it, then weeds will start growing in it.

For this, we have to adopt auto-decoration or shelf-decoration so that waste does not flow in our mind.

We are so capable that we can choose the thoughts that come in our sub-conscience mind.

Our sub-conscious mind makes our thinking a reality.  But to do this, we have to reach it by auto-automation.

That is why it is said that your mind is always filled with positive thinking thoughts.

And when we cannot control it, then only we lose.  Repeat every day what you want.

If you want to get rich then be prepared for it. Make this desire your habit.

Then one day your habit will give you such opportunities which will make your success a reality.

Start thinking of yourself as a rich and successful person from today itself. The plan to reach your goal is in your sub-concessions, just keep practising the auto-decoration so that your plan can come to you on its own.

Never give up in this effort. Understand that you are not going to get anything for free.

A lot will have to be done to get something.  So from today on, start putting seeds of good positive things in the garden of your mind.

4 - Specialized knowledge

Henry Ford had no formal education but had good knowledge of automobiles.

In the World War days, he claimed defamation on the Chicago News Paper because the newspaper called him an ignorant pacifist.

Thousands of questions were asked to him during the trial in court. The lawyer wanted to prove that Henry was indeed ignorant.  Ford was troubled by his upside-down questions in court.

He replied, "I can call my admen here to answer whatever questions you want to ask me, now will you tell me that when I can hire men who give me information about everything, then I  What is the need to fill so much knowledge in your mind? "

This silence from Ford engulfed the silence.  Ford did not have any special knowledge, but he had special knowledge about his work.

He knew what his goal was, even then people who are not very educated and still successful.

The things that we learn by reading journal knowledge or in school often do not work that much.

Unless we use it in real life.  If seen, this is just a book study, not a practical one.

If you have a special interest in something, then you can do a short course or take training on it.

In this way, you will get complete knowledge of that thing, which can be useful in your business later.

Learning is not only about school, you can learn anything at any age in your life.

Whether you are a family or doing a full-time job, you can take time to learn your skills.

It is very good to have specialized knowledge because you know what you have to learn and work in the future.  It is very important to improve your skills.

Often, while looking at companies employees, they see their credentials and also consider their personalities.

How you treat people or customers or how you will be able to handle the situation is also seen.

A successful man may not be educated, but he has a special ambition and personality.

Remember that "the person who stops learning by considering everything as schooling, will always be a normal human being."

He may achieve a milestone but success is achieved only when you keep learning something in life.

5- Imagination

It is a very old time once an old native doctor went to a chemist's shop.

He told the young clerk of the shop that his cat and wooden paddle had become quite old.

The clerk bought him a new cattle and wooden paddle for $ 500. This amount was as much as the lifetime savings of that doctor.

The doctor gave the clerk a small piece of paper in which a magic formula was written.

The doctor took $ 500 from the clerk and went there because he could take his loan off and live comfortably.

The young clerk had invested his life saving on that formula.  He made a magic formula by mixing things written on that paper.

He had a variety of gold in the hand that ran the sugar industry and due to which millions of people got employment.

This made a small town in the South a business capital. In this way, that old cat came in handy for the whole world.

Do you know what mixer was made in that crop?  Coca-Cola!  Yes, the thing that came out of that mismatch was Coca-Cola.

And the name of the clerk who created this mixer was Asa Kendler. But the secret to Coca-Cola's success was not a part of the paper, it was Asa Candler's Imagination.

To fulfil our wishes, we need to have immigration so that they can become reality.  What is stopping you from being successful is just your thinking.

Change your mind, use your imagination and then see it!  Coca-Cola also followed an idea.

Today everything we see around us, such as gadgets or social media, is the idea behind them all.

Many of us wait for a break throughout our life, but success is not achieved in one day.

Your idea should be such that it can handle all kinds of critics. You may also find defeat, disappointment and disappointment in this.

So be prepared for all these things as well.  Make your idea your passion.  Work on it continuously without stopping.

Make it a reality, only then will your idea become so powerful that every kind of challenge can withstand it.

6 - Organized planning

You cannot succeed unless you have a firm plan.  Find people who can help you with your plan.

When you seek the help of people, it is obvious that in return you will have to give them some benefit or compensation.

Form your group and continuously discuss with them about your plan.  Maintain a good working relationship with your group to avoid failure.

You will need all kinds of people because the same person does not have the knowledge, experience or ability of everything.

To get success, it will require the cooperation of others and perfect harmony.  And keep in mind that before working on the plan, the opinion of all the members of your group should be taken.

If the first plan fails, then work on the second one.  And even if this one does not work, do not give up.

Until then keep making new plans till no firm plan is realized.  Recall how Thomas Edison tried ten thousand times and then he managed to make light bulbs.  Only after failing repeatedly, he could become a great inventor.

"He who gives up never wins, and he who wins never gives up" Those who give up lack a passion.

But even after losing, those who make new plans are ultimately winners.  Failure means that something is wrong that your plan did not work and needs to be changed.

If Thomas too had given up, today no one would have even known his name.  When you fail, find the reason for it.

What can you do to make it better?  Create a new full proof plan and work on it anew.

7 - Decision

Ford Motors' Model T was once considered the ugliest car in the world.  Henry Ford was advised by his company's advisor to change the design of the car.

But Ford did not agree and continued to make the Model T.  However, he later made a slight change in his design.  But even before that, Model T gave them a lot of money.

Henry Ford was known for his quick decisions and strong intentions.  And every successful person has this quality.

Sometimes yes and never doers are always poor and failures.  When you make decisions immediately, you also start working on them immediately.

Delaying is just a waste of money and time and the result is nothing.

Ford did not listen to the people who did the evil of the Model T.  Because he was quite sure of his decision.

Wealthy people do not waste time in making any decision but instead, bring necessary changes gradually. They are not easily influenced by the words of people but trust their idea.

"Opinion is the cheapest thing in this world, anyone is ready to advise anyone for free". If you always ask for feedback from people, then you are not going to get anything.

Most of the people will give you such an Opinion which will give you the disorder and not the motive.  Then whether it is your close friend or relative.

Council only with your Master Mind Group.

Only your group has complete sympathy and harmony with you because your purpose is the same.

Select members of your group carefully.  We will explain the power of Master Mind in the next chapter.

If you have a mind of your own then use it.  Hear the call of the fire to become successful.

Making good decisions means that you know what you want.

"It is the practice of the world that the person here is valued, whose words are spoken and whose work is spoken", and the successful people know what they want and they live by acquiring it.

8 - Persistence

"Of course slowly but steadily increasing".  After all, start walking from somewhere, only then success will be felt one day. ”

Continually choose your destination before walking towards your destination.  What do you want to achieve and why?  It is very important to know that only then you will get motivated.

Believe yourself that you are so capable.  You have the skills and knowledge that can give you success.

Prepare the right plan for yourself, maintain a good relationship with those who are helping you in this plan.

Test your will power and then focus on your plan.  First of all, it is necessary to drive away from the fear of your mind.  He who is afraid does nothing

Some so many people are waiting for a big "break".  A favourite job or business opportunity can be a big break for them.

But such people remain disabled.  To get a break, we have to do the same amount of efforts, it is not found suddenly.

But we can get our big break when we make a plan for it and continue on its path.

Now there will be some people who have got this opportunity from their Strong Desire and Special Plan but could not succeed.  Why so?  Because they gave up easily.

Once he failed, he gave up and left the plan.  But he forgot the fact that the necklace was temperate.

There is only one answer to defeat and that is to keep moving forward.  "Sometimes it seems that a hidden guide puts a lot of obstacles in our way to test us".  Our defeat is just a way to test our will power.

When you make a habit of constantly moving forward without stopping, defeat will never become an obstacle in your path.  Then whatever you have thought will be completed.

9- Power of mastermind

There is a saying that "knowledge is power", but one cannot become rich on its own.  Knowledge becomes power only when it is used to achieve its goal.

Master Mind is a group of people who can increase your knowledge so that it can become your power.  The desire and purpose of these people are the same as yours.

Let's understand this with electric batteries.  A single battery will give only a little energy, but when we have more than one battery, we will get their energy for a long time

In this way, when you have a mastermind group, your strength increases manifold and with the help of them, you can overcome your weaknesses too.

Before forming his corporation, Henry Ford was also a poor, illiterate and ignorant human being.  But he ran his business with fifty trusted people who were his masterminds.

He also had a friendship with Thomas Edison.  Ford maintained a very friendly and cooperative relationship with these trusted and great friends.

Because of his capable mastermind group, Henry Ford was able to become such a successful businessman by eradicating his poverty.  It only took him ten years to become educated and intelligent.

And 25 years later he had become the richest man in his country.

There are many economic benefits of joining a mastermind group, but it is also mentally beneficial.

"Whenever two mindsets join together, a new unseen force is created, which together with those two minds produces the same strength as the three minds".

It is obvious that when there are so many minds in a group, they will also increase the strength of a single mind.

Overall, two minds can think better than one alone if they say.  If there is a good working relationship between the people of the group, then together they can achieve more than any individual.

Together they can do wonders because their strength is many times more than that of a single person.

10 - The mystery of sex transmutation

Transmutation is called when energy changes from one form to another.  Sex is the most powerful stimuli in humans.

Sex transmute means that we can use our Sex energy in many more productive works because it has a lot of power.

Sachs Energy can be a good use for creativity and business.  Sex is a natural thing.

It is included in the things of human need, you can not turn away from it.  If it is not controlled, it becomes a deterrent weapon.

But if it is used as will power, then a lot can be achieved.

Like many successful musicians, lawyers, artists and businessmen, they used this body's hunger in their creativity and became great.

There are many ways to do mind stimulation such as alcohol drugs or fear of your mind.  But Sex is the strongest of all.

A person who cannot control it often lives in crime, poverty and plight.  Whoever used this power properly has always done well and he emerges as a genius.

Genius is like a pilot on a plane.  He goes over the hills and trees, he blows high.

Sex and food are like high mountains and trees in our life.  A genius crosses these obstructions and sets himself free.

Now he can open his path of promotion by using his creative imaginations better.

Our creative imaging is like Sixth Sense.  The more we use it, the better it will become.

Successful people become more intelligent and productive with the practice of creative imaging.

Studies have proved that successful people have strong sex energy.  But they apply this energy where they need their creative outlet.

All the songs, poems or novels are mentioned only in love and sex. The miracle inside you and confidence is reflected in your sex desire,

Look at any artist or businessman, you will understand yourself. You can also use this potential inside you for your creative imaging.

To get out your sexual energy, find a way to do something creative rather than thinking of the body as an appetite.

You cannot even imagine how much power your brain has.  There is no end to it, so apply it to make yourself great.

And at the same time, take your career to new heights with the advantage of your sexual energy and become rich.

11- The subconscious mind

We all know that we have no control over the subconscious mind.  But this is the part that controls all our desires, feelings and decision-making power.  All we have to do is always keep our mind full of positive thoughts.

Gradually, these positive thoughts will continue to sit in our sub-thoughts mind.  This is a method that will gradually lead us to success

Take confidence, love, success, passion, romance and hope in your mind to improve your subconscious mind.

Never keep in your mind the fear of waste, hate, jealousy and feelings of revenge or greed and superstition.

Try not to get these negative thoughts in your mind.  You can never get success by thinking negatively, nor can you become rich.  This will immerse you in a swamp of more poverty.

Now you have a personal plan of your own, on which you can get success.  You know how you can become rich, even though that plan is still locked in your subconscious mind, to reach it, you have to get rid of your negative thoughts first.

First, try to bring positive thoughts in your mind so that you can understand it better.  Start with small things every day.

Make your wishes a habit of love, sex, hope, romance, passion and happiness and get rid of greed, fear, anger, jealousy and revenge.

12 - The brain

The human mind is the most powerful machine in the world.  It can be used as both a Sending and Recycling device.

The strength of our thoughts has a big hand in our success. You can start your journey by thinking about the thirteen steps which have been given here.

ou can keep everything in your mind by planning everything from your wish to your imaging and your persistence.

Do you know that between ten to fourteen billion nerve cells are found in the cerebral cortex of our brain?

Even more interesting is that all these cells are arranged especially according to the order.  This method of arrangement of nerve cells makes us humans physically and mentally able to work.  Our brain is also responsible for our emotional and mental state.

Indeed, we can become rich only with the power to think.  We can find good opportunities for ourselves by filling positive thoughts in our mind,

We can fulfil our dreams by realizing our passion.  There is power in us that we can take decisions immediately and try again if we lose.

And we can also use our sexual energy to enhance our creativity.  And all this can only happen inside our little brain.

If you practice to motivate yourself daily, then you can increase both your knowledge and potential.  And this is what you need to be successful.

 You can achieve a lot by using the power of your brain as well as your brain.

Telepathy is possible if you work closely with your mastermind group.

For this, we have to dissect each other so that you can share your thoughts with others and think as a single brain.

Use your brainpower, always keep it inspired with new ideas.

Whatever you learned from this summer, try to apply it in real and make it in your habit.

If you want, you can repeat those things by going to any chapter

Repeat in your mind those statements that will make you money-consensus.  You are not far away from your financial success.

13- The sixth sense

The sixth step of these thirteen steps to become rich and successful is Sixth Sense.

You cannot reach this sixth cess until you have mastered the remaining twelve steps.

This Sixth Cess is a part of our subcontinent mind that handles our creative imaginations.  This only connects us to the Infinite Intelligence of the world.

Sometimes we see thoughts in our mind like a flash which is called "hunches".  This happens when our sixth sense is working.

But not everyone can feel it.  We can achieve this only by meditating very deeply

All the great people such as Thomas Edison, Abraham Lichen and Mohammed etc were able to become great by using their Sixth Sense.

Through his hunches, he got the motivation to do something big.  This Sixth Sense connects both our mental and spiritual states.

It acts like a medium that connects our mind with this infinite universe.

Our Sixth Sense not only gives us creative ideas but also indicates the dangers of many times.

Infinite intelligence is the power that is in the particle of everything in the world.  Inside it is the energy of the whole universe. "

This is the power through which water always flows downwards. The day comes after night, and summer comes after winter.  Because of this, everything in the universe is connected in some form or the other. '

We can also connect ourselves with Infinite Intelligence by practising our Sixth Sense.  As all geniuses do, we can also make the material of our dreams form.

Because we humans only have dreams, desires that keep our minds Dominated.  We can choose our defeat or victory and we can achieve success with our power of thinking.

The path to success starts with our dreams.  As you move forward on these thirteen steps, you will get Wisdom.

Your success needs to know yourself and others.  Finally, only a successful man can understand this law of nature and the way of happiness.

We again say that you can repeat these thirteen steps whenever you want so that you can achieve a high level of mental stimulations 

Now you have the riches of the third step, in the last chapter, you will learn how to remove fear from your mind

Because until you remove it, it will keep you in a limit.  And without winning this fear, you cannot step on the path of wealth.

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

Some hidden enemies do not let us become rich.  And that enemy is confusion, doubt, worry and negative thoughts.

One of these thoughts is in your mind, then the rest come on their own.  As long as you do not fight them and overcome them, they will continue to harass you.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no and no confidence in ourselves creates a strange fear in us.  Here we are telling you the names of six basic fears like fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of poor health, fear of losing love, fear of old age and fear of death.

Each of these fears reduces our ability. Ties him in a limit.  But in reality, all these fears are just a product of our mind and nothing else.  This means that this fear can be overcome.

One thing that we have complete control over is our thoughts.

"As soon as a thought comes to our mind, it can be physical at the same time" This is its greatest power.

The thoughts that are roaming your mind become your social, professional and financial destiny.

When you constantly think about the disease, then you start getting sick.  This is an accepted matter.  That is why we say that we should strengthen our will power.

Some people seem more fortunate and superior than the rest.  This is due to their thinking.  If they consider themselves lucky and better, then they see them like this.

We become what we think.  When someone criticizes you, do not take it to heart.  Do not let your will power be weakened by the critics.

Don't listen to the relatives who say to you, "You can't do this". Paying attention to the matter of the critics will not only ruin your imagination, but it will also reduce your confidence and your ability will not emerge as an individual.

So close your ears so that you cannot hear their words.

 "Close all the doors of your mind to those people who depress or disable you in every way

Keep yourself away from every concern.  Never think what people will think.  Accept the reality of old age and death, because it will one day come to everyone.

If you are afraid of losing love, then learn to love yourself.  "There is nothing in life that causes you to worry"

 Choose peace of mind and happiness for yourself.

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